Unique business psychology with TED Talks

Unique business psychology with TED Talks

TED Talks are amazing, and it is great benefit to know how to share your idea with wide audience and keep their attention. The book is like "Made to stick" opens for us ways and approaches how to get your idea shine and memorised for a long time. TED Talks book is more about public speeches nether about written stories and it supports knowledge we learned from "Made to stick".

Today, an ability to give a public speech about your ideas is likewise the ability to speak or to learn. TED Talks is verys uccessful and many of their speeches have millions of views on Youtube. There are many video-bloggers who have millions of subscribers because of high-quality content they produce and knowledge how to distribute it right.

Immediate knowledge spreading through Internet and world wide web interactivity helps us to share any information from almost any point of the planet. A skill of giving public speeches helps to get lots of advantages: build companies, create social organisations, develop tech and science.

Words change the world

Share your idea

You will ever find something important to give a speech about. That’s could be a unique experience of work, travel, hobbyor just a great story. Remember, what was the last time you heard "Wow! That’s so interesting, what’s happened?"Probably that’s something you could share with audience.

Why your speech is important for the audience? What’s the most important? Speak with audience same language, that’sthe guarantee you will be understood.

Give more than you get. Useful information is always important and valuable without asking for a pat on the back. The audience will be grateful if the topic and content got the people inspired.

Make them follow the baseline

There is a crucial element of any successful speech — a baseline which helps to keep listeners attention from the beginning to the end of the monolog. This is a journey you make together with them, it helps you to follow the baseline at any moment and will keep within the narrative.

Minimalism is a key to success. Just remember it wouldn’t be possible to share all the concepts. Concentrate on the most important — less ideas, but more facts and examples.

Usually speakers intent to show and tell as many facts and numbers as possible within number of slides and time limits for the speech. 40 minutes monolog is not good idea. It is not possible to keep people’s attention for so long.

Maximum speech time at TED is 18 minutes. They trust that this time is enough to share breakthrough in science, share a terrific story or turn the world upside down.

Make them love you. Connect them

Have a look of the amazing speakers, who took the audience by storm, using sincerity and jokes.

For getting a good contact with audience helps to be yourself. If your emotional, do not hide your emotions, if you aresilly, be silly. However, being egocentric not good to share. Careful with jokes, they need to be simple, clear and fun.

How to explain the idea? Follow "step by step" approach. The method is to share the idea using a chain of interconnected sentences. It is good to ask right questions and answer them using metaphors and examples. Those two are not the same. Metaphors provide us with a pattern, comparing the idea with simpler things. Examples are from life, something practical which supports the metaphors.

Use conviction, visual elements and show

Conviction means a substitution people’s knowledge about something. That’s not simple to make but having a great speech with stories and common sense is absolutely real. Don’t forget about visuals, infographics.

When you want to surprise the audience, other methods could be brought in. A wonderful journey would be useful. A simple language without any slang and idioms. Visuals help to illustrate and support your idea enhancing dramatic moments. Another option is to share a fantastic future — as brighter picture would be as more desirable the audience want to be there.

Speech preparation and run through

Is the written text needed or improvisation? Actually, both are possible, but written speech structure (not the text) is highly recommended. However, there were examples when speakers forgot the text and ruin the speech. Many ways are possible — write a scenario or write the text, record it and listen. Mainly people write the text and memorise it. You should be comfortable with the chosen way.

Run through is not a luxury. It is highly recommended to limit your speech in 90% of the time. ForTED it is 18 minutes. They recommend to you’re your speech in front of people you know and correct issues and change some words if you’re not comfortable with a sentence. For the run through don’t choose experts in the topic you speak about. Wide audience for speech means that everyone should understand what you mean.

Wear sensible clothes and work more on your presentation, temp and tone of your voice. Julian Treasure would help you to learn more about it.

Beginning and end of your speech are important. There are a few ways to begin from dramatism, stimulate curiosity, provoking. The first minute determine if you attract audience attention or smartphone will take it over. For the end it is recommended to show opportunities, call for an action or show commitment to the idea (like Elon Musk after SpaceX unsuccessful launch).