Logic must rule the world - may be, may be, may be

What problem your business solves and how did you notice it?

There are a few things I would like to mention on the logic. When you communicate to people, you need to know that audiences often pay more attention to the beauty of a speech then to its content. when performing a speech or giving a presentation, your main aim is to speak clearly and naturally.

Another thing is that you can guide people’s thinking by using logical arguments. There are two ways to explain things — explicitly, using facts and implicitly, using examples.

Just found this in internet and to be honest I never heard this. Did you?


If someone can do it means that I can do it too.

If no one can do it, I should be first to achieve it.

Latin American LOGIC

If someone can do it, so let him do it.

If no one can do it, why should I do it?

Any ideas on what EUROPEAN LOGIC is?
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