Don't ask customers what they want. Experiment and iterate

Don't ask customers of what they want. Make things and try them working...

The great man Steve Jobs said that we shouldn’t ask customers about what they want. Why shouldn’t we? He answered because when you make what they want, they will want something different.

Sounds like a labyrinth — we shouldn’t ask our potential customers about the product because they occasionally they will change their mind, so how to understand the product features and make great products without it?

Honestly speaking, after working in different product development companies and created many simple and complex products, I can’t answer this question in a few words, but I’m sure that we need to wear a skin of our customers and our users to evaluate how the features work and how they will be used. This is why elaborating ideas and proving them working is the right way for agile product development. Only making things and trying them working, brings us a feedback from the customers and shows if this is the way to go and if not we discover why and make something else to try it out too.