How to verify facts and distinguish truth from disinformation?

How to verify facts and distinguish truth from disinformation?

How to verify facts and find truth. In previous centuries, individuals like Issac Newton, Einstein, Tesla made a breakthroughs and new discoveries in science and engineering using their unique individual talents.

But nowadays, most likely we will find a group of scientists working on a research or a new technology, because it is not only speeds up the process of development, but also assists to obtain an acceptance of the results by more people at the same time nether than just publishing of the results in a scientific magazine.

A method, where consensus should be accepted among few people, has more pragmatic approach nether than studios conducted by a single individual during without any critics or input from outside world. Only Hollywood movies keep the"Eureka approach" with its dramatic moments of fantastic discoveries, the rest of the world has switched to work in groups.

The common acceptance of a theory will unlikely be controverted
There are a few other things in the scientific world which describe a scientific approach, but those are dedicated mostly to a scientific process, assuring that new discovery isn’t a fake.

  1. Publications in reputable scientific magazines, but not every magazine has a proper system of scientific validation.
  2. Specially accredited magazines use collegial assessment system which relay on experts opinions, verifying facts and methods used.
  3. The raw data and methodology published together with conclusions;
  4. You can find all the details to repeat the experiments.

The problem is that the scientist usually very busy with their own researches and have no time to go deep into the details reached by others. Basically, it happens only if the results are extremely important for their own research.

Our brain is very good at finding regularity — it is a basic characteristic of human intelligence

Our predecessors recognised the circle of seasons, which change one another in certain sequence as well as how stars appear and disappear in the night sky. Combine both regularities they calculated an optimal time for planting and hunting.

Millions years later an ability to recognise regularities helps some people to play chess much better than to others. Sport, math, art, music, engineering — regularities are everywhere, in every sphere of our life, and opportunity to recognise them quickly gives a fantastic advantage in problems solving.

When recognition of regularity happens naturally without our acknowledgment and we call it an intuition or instinct. Unfortunately, this ability frequently plays a bad game with us — That’s so simple to find regularities where they are not present. The gut feeling is like a gambling, it is statistically has very low success rate. When this feeling appears, ask yourself if there is a rational reason to follow this.