Not only customers. Think about your product users too.

Not only customers. Think about your product users too.

We hear from all the corners that customer experience is important, unique and must be studied. Sometimes we do not distinguish customers from users and let me visualise why it might be a wrong approach.

Most of the scenarios where we thing about product marketing is about to get customers on board, get them buy what we created, but later on we might see a churn — people stop to use it and this is were the importance of final users come into great importance.

User experience is important not only when customers buy something for someone (users), but in most of the B2B activities, where the final word is told by final users on how great or how bad the product is.

In this regards, I propose to always create roles of people who interact with the product and who will influence the decision of its comfort, efficiency or a tool providing result.

Hehe, that’s a nice picture ??? To be honest I never thought about it in this way. We should be closer to our users for sure and satisfy their needs and wishes, but what to do if "big bosses" wishes contradict with the final users way of using a product?