People's emotions spread, influencing others

People's emotions affect others around them, so emotions are contagious

There is a study performed in Harvard University where the team proved that people’s emotions affect others around them, so emotions are contagious. So, aggressive team member can affect others with his mood and things might go south. People in the team can create a ripple-effect of two pols — positive or negative, depending on their mood.

Miss-communication can wake up negativity — face to face trustful communication is important to find out what is going on and help each other, avoiding negative effects. It is very damaging when leaders avoid personal one on one communications with their team members. The culture that values commitment and result, fostering positivity and optimism gives much greater results in long term.

Another thing, do not avoid criticism by itself, constructive criticism time to time is a part of continues improvement. If you care about your team members, believe me they approve a criticism as an opportunity to improve. Honest feedback is never bad thing to give.