Main details from a book "The Enneagram at work"

Main details from a book "The Enneagram at work"

Those are main details of the book called "The Enneagram at work". Success is always connected to personal relationships - to get what you want is easier building emotional connection. For most of us guiding and inspiring others requires self-awareness, time and discipline.

Knowing what makes people around you action is a great power which boosts productivity and profit, building trust and high morale teams. In this regards, self-acceptance is key feature - acknowledging where I am and committing to what I'm working towards. Patience is essential element which needs to be practiced daily.

  • Enneagram says that there are 9 types of personalities. An effective person cultivates self-awareness.
  • Strict Perfectionist - people who are driven by what should be done. They have very high ethical standards;
  • Considerate helper - they are happy to scarifies their own needs to support others;
  • Competitive achiever - professional success has high importance - the goals and status are paramount;
  • Intense creative - they want to feel special, very emotional and crave deep personal connection;
  • Quite specialists - Logic and intellectual reasoning is everything, they love peaceful environments;
  • Enthusiastic visionaries - charming adventurers, fear to be limited by a commitment;
  • Loyal skeptic - doubt own power, always ready for worse-case scenario;
  • Boss - like to be in control, respect skilled mental and physical fight;
  • Adaptive peacemaker - diplomat, decision-making is difficult thing, saying no is a challenge.

What does being self-aware mean? It means not allowing your patterns to function on autopilot. Be curious and begin your day from learning something new.

Three centers of intelligence are logic (head), action (gut) and emotion (heart). Those who personality types are "inaction" relay on instincts and those who in logic triad experience in a mindful way. A core activation is about learning how to balance all three types. Along with a daily meditation practice, pausing throughout your day - especially during moments of stress - will allow you to suppress your autopilot reflexes and change the balance.

Great leadership indicator is be able to give and receive feedback and mentorship. Most of the people do not enjoy criticising, but delivering and receiving a feedback is a part of our life. Don't be afraid of critics, it gives you insights and ways to learn.

Are you afraid of people who may criticise you? No, I fear that mu washing machine get broken and I will wash everything by hand.

First of all - observe and then interpret, feel and then tell - Actually, this is something very close to a scientific method approach, where diagnosis is a key part of understanding the situation, interpreting it and acting when fully understood.

Learning leadership begins with learning to yourself and I would recommend to begin from self-awareness. The Enneagram is a tool to touch with your core strengths and blind spots. Our patterns are mainly hardwired, but they don't define us. Clear recognition of them makes you capable to use them in the best way.