Project management in creative environment

Project management in creative environment

Yesterday I spent a few hours trying, in different forms" to convince people to use project management tools to take en tropy under control. Even Creativity has "create" as a base of the word and it is nice, useful and important when peoplecreate something new, it should be under control otherwise there are so many intents to create and changes that there willbe no certain result.

Even I’m getting my best to use different models and call things not like "Pass through the gate to another stage" and have milestones instead of project stages and don’t ask for a detailed plan for every step… and use sprints. Basically to not overwhelm people and help them work in a flow mode, like what they do.

I’m writing these words and smiling, I think hell a lot of company leaders and project managers have similar thoughts frequently.

Started to learn about Team Alignment Map. Some important things to note about.

One team member’s risk is everyone’s risk — a problem for one person can easily end up affecting the whole team. So these Joint Risks should be on the board for everyone to see and consider.

What do the team members need in order to meet their objectives? How much time? How much money? What about materials, equipment, computers, statistics? Will they need legal advice along the way? All of these things should be considered, and anything that’s needed should be fully noted.

People often feel uncomfortable speaking up if something’s unclear or if they’re pointing out a potential problem. But such issues just get increasingly worse if they go unmentioned.