Experience of making right decisions

Experience of making right decisions

What is the secret of making better decisions?

Secret of Better Decision Making: Absorb information, verify facts, seek opinions. Use the scientific method for making right decisions. Good decisions are crucial for a good life. Avoid hasty deliberation, sleep on it. Verify information, consult experts, beware of false expertise. Avoid bad arguments, identify faulty premises. Gather accurate data through thorough diagnosis.

Making good decisions is a key part of living a good life — business and work decisions we make every day are important bit of our lives.

First of all, do not deliberate in hate. Take your time to think about it, "deliberate at night" or in another words "sleep onit". The rule number to is to verify all the information.

Rumours are not facts and diagnostics is crucial aspect in understanding of the situation. The third rule is to consult with experts on a particular matter or search facts in Internet — the scientific method from the link above helps you out. Be aware of people who pose as experts and don’t be lazy to check facts in a few sources. Right decision should never result from wrong knowledge.

Identifying faults premises helps you avoid falling for bad arguments.

When you find an indisputable premise, the people you talk to much more likely to accept the second premise.

Before you make any decision a diagnostic is a core detail. You need to collect as many details about the situation and ensure it is a correct data. Here is a good article about analysing complete and correct data. Interesting that analysing incorrect or incomplete data leads you to making wrong decisions.