Why your LinkedIn profile is so important?

Why your LinkedIn profile is so important?

I’m sure you know that LinkedIn is the place with largest number of vacancies from all around the world, but it is only one small part of this social network functionality.
I got registered in LinkedIn many years ago and since that time it serves me well for checking professional and technology news, finding right contacts, checking profiles of potential partners and suppliers, gives insides on high tech and world most advanced developments. I also used to check news from my network and congratulate colleagues and people in my network with their achievements and successes.

So, you can see that there are lots of activities on the LinkedIn website and you probably want to be a part of it in case if you’re looking into advancing your career, know more people, do networking, and grow as a professional. By the way, there are learning courses too…

Let’s us consider a hypothetical situation that you are looking for a new journey or ready for a challenge. I’m sure LinkedIn is one of the best options, but it is crucial you approach it in the right way.

Step 1. Make your profile shine

The first thing people see entering to your profile is your avatar photo and background picture. My recommendation is to make them represent yourself as much as possible. As a general fact, people like nice people (so you smile on your photo, right?). Make both avatar and background pictures of high quality. Perhaps you might want to make background picture represent want you do, your main skills and passion of, but it is not necessary. I personally have my product on the background picture, which represents my work and my passion.

Put attention to your headliner as it should say what you do and what your main skills are.

If you are a software developer, you can write - Experienced Software development |Mobile Apps |JavaScript | Data Scientist and love Python…

Summary tells everything about your professional life and must provide other people, including recruiters with the most important facts like I’m a business leader with 15 years of experience in business development… You can easily Google many examples;

I just want to say that you shouldn’t leave it blank or without key details of your career path and achievements.

Location – it is important to have it filled in as people will know where are you based.

Step 2. Post to gain visibility and show your skills

Remember you are in the social network - grow number of connections and write useful posts to gain more visibility, attract interest to yourself, to your personality to the things you do, show your skills and knowledge.

Another useful thing is to comment on other people posts, sharing your thought, useful insights, etc. I’m an adept of value creation and purpose driven man, so I like to read insightful things and things which attract interest. Remember that the quality of your posts is indicative, so they can work in a good and to a bad. Think well before you post or make a comment, be pleasant with people. What you also can do is to congratulate people with achievements, it is well deserved, and they will be glad, just say Congrats! It costs you nothing. We are humans and we love to listen to good stories. Practice and you will be recognised.

You also can create polls to ask your network about things which you have doubts or want to find out their opinion and see what they think. Don’t make large polls, they must be simple to understand and consist of 2-3 possible answers.