How to use psychology in the business?

How to use psychology in the business?

Almost no product development is possible without communication with our partners and suppliers. Starting from 2008 Iwork with people helping my companies or my employers collaborate with companies and individuals who can bring additional value to our products or help us to innovate, make better or simply make things work how we want them to.

I know that the way how I approach and present my small or medium size business is something crucial for the first contact with people. So, it is something I need to prepare and elaborate through a few calls and meetings, because a need to find proper and correct words which will resonate in people’s minds and they agree to spend time on working with your firm with a product under development.

I found that for many mid-size organisations it is the same difficult to accept an offer to work with start up the same way as for large organisations, but I always remember that every business needs customers and if your story sounds logical, reasonable and real — my experience shows that they will help and support you in your activities.

This is only small part of what I want to share with you about a psychology in business. Honestly, I love this topic so much and very happy to share and have a conversation with all of you about it.
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