Why hiring right people can't work without clear and explained culture

Why hiring right people can't work without clear and explained culture

We hear people speaking about the culture in their company every day, but not always it means that there is a culture and it doesn’t mean that there is a right culture. In my point of view it is absolutely necessary to have it described on paper and explained to all the employees and encouraged by the top-managers.

Company’s culture is an indicator of what do you mean under hiring right people. It helps to navigate and choose people for management team first. In my experience, if the senior leadership team is not right and they didn’t set up and don't follow the culture, hiring right people will not work.
Meaning that you probably hire them, but due to discrepancy in the approach and behaviour, those right people will not be satisfied with their job and as the result they will be limited in their ability to deliver the best results.

If a team has a well-defined culture that is clearly articulated and adhered to, employees tend to work harder because they feel they are contributing to the company's pursuit of excellence.

It's unlikely that you would commit to learning quantum physics or Chinese without a compelling reason. Although we may initially pursue something out of curiosity, we are likely to abandon it if it doesn't serve a greater purpose.

Therefore, for companies to perform at their highest level, they must have a goal to work towards. This objective need not be specific, and it can even be something abstract, such as "striving for excellence," where each team member aims to achieve their personal best.

If you got my points above, developing an exceptional team with clear purpose is not just about recruiting the skilled individuals but also about building a cohesive unit that collaborates seamlessly. Let me say that hiring the right people and form collaborative teams are crucial for success in business, as individuals hold more significance than ideas or processes. Although generating groundbreaking ideas can be beneficial, assembling the perfect team should be the top priority.

Having a great team is ultimately more critical than having a great idea. Regardless of how exceptional the idea is, how defined the goals are, or how robust the plan is, success is unattainable without the right team to execute the job.

For instance, most of the products we purchase, such as an iPhone or a five-star meal, are not the outcome of a single idea but a culmination of collaborative efforts of numerous individuals. They are a result of the combined work of many innovative minds, such as tech designers or chefs, working together to share their expertise and produce a successful end product.

Additionally, teams that exhibit diversity - as opposed to groups of individuals who share similar views - are more likely to thrive. This is because their distinct differences enable them to complement and motivate each other.
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