We have the brightest minds and still have a highly dysfunctional team

We have the brightest minds and still have a highly dysfunctional team

Recently, a very bright founder of a large start up with a billion euros of funding told me that in his company there are so many bright and smart people, so that’s why it would prosper.

I would like to give you more insight on it, there are some issues with this approach, because at the end of everything, the teamwork is the key competitive advantage of any business and the most talented teams tend to perform poorly in the absence of teamwork. It is a proven fact, not just word sand let me explain you why.

Those bright people in different teams start to work together on a manner of wasting time and energy on politics, trying toout maneuver each other. Finally they even ignore what their CEO and Founder told them, working in a way they think is correct way of doing thing. The result of such a high-performing work is low morale, lost focus, no performance and continues loose of valuable players who just overwhelmed and said enough.

The morale of it is that we can bring together the brightest minds and still have a highly dysfunctional team. A healthy and positive team culture is a way to solve this puzzle. It is important to work on people’s intercommunication and help them work together with no ability to compete one to another.