All leaders are project manages, right?

All leaders are project manages

It is very usual that project managers are not taking into account employees productivity, while estimating time for the tasks accomplishment — basically, they forget to count annual leaves, sick leaves, holidays and overall people productivity must not be 100% in any case.

In order to get proper estimation of number of hours for each task a project manager must get into the details and have experience working with similar tasks, so she/he should have an idea of what must be done to accomplish this task.

if you’re in engineering project with lots of tasks related to creating a new things and lots of requirements to be met — like math calculations, CAD design, customer requests, legal obligations… it should be all counted in. In my experience I’ve seen so many projects where the stages and milestones have nothing to do with the real life and an obvious reason is in project manager who didn’t spend enough time with people to understand complexity and risks.

Every member’s risk is a team’s risk, therefore it is a project risk.

Fails in technology are not real reasons in majority of failed projects. It becomes evident that most of them even hadno technological problems at all and crucial reasons are sociological, meaning that the problem is in the teams who worked on those projects.

What is surprising that most leaders do not work on the project management aspects and do not address such issues at all. The reason is their incorrect understanding of their own role in the business. We are, as the leaders, even working in a technology, in human communication business and our success is derived from positive and fruitful human communications and if we don’t understand this as a central aspect of our every day job, most likely we work inefficiently and our people are unhappy, which stress quality of work. To have a success we must focus on our people, not on the technology or management.

Every leader must know that the major project problems are not technological, but sociological in nature and every aspect of our work and life is actually a project with many stages.