We help to building teams with right skills and based on your value

We help to building teams with right skills and based on your value

Attracting people to your young company might be challenging. Let's think about why should talented people join our new or immature venture? What would be a driver for it?

We help you to tackle it, build a strong profile for talent acquisition and help attract right people who share your values and have right abilities. UnitiQ strength is in clear understanding of how to build up high-performing teams based on our own business experience.
Thinking about young organizations, start-ups and scale ups, one can imaging a group of young people in a garage drinking smoothies and reinventing the world. Perhaps, it is true, but before you collect those talented people around the idea, the idea itself should materialise - meaning described, explained, become a story and working business with its customers and its followers.

I always remember that people are wiling to contribute to the things they believe are important and which give them happiness. The greatest scientist MIhay Csikszentmihalyi, who is surname, honestly speaking, I can't pronounce well and just wrote it letter by letter, but he is a bright creator of a condition "Flow". People in the flow concentrate on their task and fully dedicate themselves to what they do, because they love it.

So, being a small or growing startup I need people to know what we do, understand our priorities, get a feeling of our culture, recognise something unique, something why they can feel an implication. So, my way is to share publicly as many stories and as many details as possible, so people become interested in what I do.

People love to be a part of something great. It is in our DNA.

A simple ABC explanations of the functions and what kind of product we have (or going to have) and why it is cool do not work in the best way. I usually recommend founders to spend time on giving their product and their company a story, describing why they want or they are doing what they are doing and why it is important.

Another thing is that recruiters and old school hiring agencies don't really understand the skills and they don't go deep. There is simple no person who ever worked on similar job like you want to attract.

From another side, we definitely can say that all the people are talented, but each of us has his/her own talents, which can suit well our needs and wishes. I prefer to think about not only skills I need, but also what kind of person should fit into a position and why. If I have it ready before the interviews, it is easier to analyse and match.

It is always important to remember that the compensation is important, but in many cases, money being a single factor may not work out well.
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