How to present yourself and your company during a big meeting

How to present yourself and your company during a big meeting

Think about your audience. Knowing who you’re talking to will allow you to find right words and show that you respect and admire your audience. Another thing is be brave and if you persuade somebody to do something less is more. So, in many cases to have a short and clear statement why you are a good partner and why it is advantageous to deal with you.

Present and describe things clearly, people need to understand you otherwise you will fail to persuade them.

Anger is important to a healthy person. If you don’t feel anger, you won’t react strongly to injustice and less likely you doa right thing. Anger can be a virtue, but under control. People who are constantly angry create a vice.

The way how audience perceive you affects the way they trust someone who perceived experienced and have clear understanding of what he/she is talking about. So, focus yourself on presenting yourself positively.

Knowledge of the topic is the second key element. So, spend time on learning all the details and present the material in a simple and clear sequence, so your audience understands the logic. Think about the emotion you want to express and positiveness of the speech. For instance, when you speak about your product or about your company — show your passion, but be cautious depending on which audience you speak to — young people tend to love emotional speech, but more elderly audience respond better on balanced statements and more dignified language.

There are two interesting approaches how to present information to your audience — one of them is making it explicitly, when you provide them with the logically connected facts and another one is implicitly by giving examples.

The way how you speak and present can impact the result of your speech. People tend to pay more attention to how you speak rather than to a content of your speech. So, your main aim is to speak clearly and naturally, but avoid using fancy language to much as humans can loose the thread. Remember that natural speech is persuasive.

I also want to leave a link to a story about TED talks and encourage you to read about its principles including 18 minutes speech limit.