People Management Service with FIXED PRICE
There is no usual monthly fee. We offer you a price per project, depending on your needs
What is included?
Build a strong people foundation and scale successfully with our expert guidance, tools, knowledge, processes, and training. Offer a great employee experience to all in your company. Let us help you take your business to the next level!

1. Performance Management
We help to set up the clear and transparent policy and process that will enhance individual and team productivity and continuous improvement, will align employee efforts with organisational goals, and ultimately contributes to the overall success and growth of the company.
2. Compensation and Benefits
We provide you with understanding the market and trends, through research and expert interviews we will develop the compensation and benefits policies that will align the scheme and ranges across all locations, functions, and grades.
3. Employee Engagement
We design action plans to boost your team’s performance and employee satisfaction. Through a tailored approach, we provide comprehensive solutions to enhance motivation, teamwork, overall workplace morale, and reduce turnover.

4. OnBoarding
We develop tailored onboarding process that will help seamlessly integrate new employees into your team regardless type of work: remote, hybrid, on-site. It will ensure a smooth transition and a positive start to their employment journey. This service streamlines the onboarding process, ensuring that new hires quickly become productive and acclimated to the company's culture and expectations.

5. HR Information Systems
We conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, followed by an in-depth analysis of your current processes and medium- and long-term objectives. We will deliver, set up an HRIS that suits your specific needs, ensuring streamlined operations, improved HR management, and optimised resource allocation for the sustained growth and success.
6. Culture
Values without implementing is nothing… they are just words. We will craft the policies, communication style, activities across all candidate’s and employees touch points that will cultivate a positive and vibrant work culture. We conduct a thorough cultural assessment and provide customised strategies to align your workplace values and behaviours with your company's vision.
Our All-Included Price
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    We offer fixed fee, from 3000 EUR
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    We offer you a professional 30-minute consultation with our specialist for free.
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