How communication impacts building relationships?

Why simplicity in communication is important?

Our business story makes a lot of impact on how people react on things which we would like to involve them in.

Difficult descriptions without a strong logical sequence leads to misunderstanding and lost of trust between individuals, because we tend to deal with people we better understand. We want be insure that their actions are clear and will not get them feel uncomfortable.

Effective communication is crucial for avoiding misunderstandings and building successful partnerships.

When approaching an organization you wish to collaborate with, it’s important to consider their size and preferences. While it may be challenging to connect with larger entities as a startup, success is possible. However, it requires convincing key individuals within the organization to recognize the importance of your project and rally their colleagues behind it.

Let’s imaging you meet a person in an organisation you desperately want to partner with, but they are big and not looking for start ups as their potential customers.

I agree in many cases you even will struggle to find friends in such organisations, but if you succeed, he or she needs to spend time in getting his/her colleagues believe that your project is important and they need to work on. Teamwork is a skill that plays a vital role in this process. Failing to engage and gain their support can have serious consequences. Therefore, it becomes essential to adapt our communication style when interacting with them. Simplicity and clarity are key elements in conveying our message effectively.

Your probably realised what would mean your fail personally to them? Probably it might lead to some serious issues. So, now, when we come to stay at their place and keep it in mind, our way of communication must be modified in a way to not hurt our new friends and bring value to them.

Simplicity in communicating should give people strong reasons why they would like to deal with you and trust your words.

By keeping our communication simple, we provide strong reasons for them to consider working with us. We must demonstrate the value we bring and instill trust in our words. This approach not only avoids confusion but also increases the likelihood of building positive relationships and achieving mutual success.

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Author: Olga Fedoseeva

Be leader who promotes constructive change and build relationships.