Invest in talent acquisition and make it top CEO's priority

Invest in talent acquisition and make it top CEO's priority

One of the greatest challenges of a new venture is an ability to attract people. Countless number of studies have shown that even well-experienced CEOs struggle with the crucial task of selecting people for the job.

Acquiring the right talent is more important and difficult than ever before.

Probably you heard a story of Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, when the football team took a risk of hiring the player who wanted 100+ million contract – four times more than any other player.

It pays off and Ronaldo continued to be a star on the field. By the end of the 2018, Juventus share price more than doubled. It is not a 100% example for our situation, but it shows how people are important in anything we do.

The companies looking to stay on top of their market or show exponential growth are in tough competition to attract best talents. This is the reason they need to make to make talent acquisition their top priority and invest into the process.

In UnitiQ we believe that only people make your company unique. While you have a great idea and some money, without talented people you wouldn’t be able to succeed.

Nowadays, money and ideas seem abundant. Everyone feels that they have a million-dollar idea and there many investors who are happy to invest in a new venture. So, what’s about the last core components of this adventure – enthusiastic and dedicated people? Huh, a short investigation on LinkedIn showed that there are so many openings and so many applicants. Perhaps, there is no problem at all, but in most of the cases, in most of the companies it works like a conveyer, which has not many things to do with attracting valuable people in shortest time possible.

XX century jobs are currently much more specialised than ever before and the approach of hiring anyone who is willing to work isn’t on the table anymore - this is the reason why it is not hiring or recruiting any longer. It is a talent partner function, who attract and help your people at any moment. We also shouldn’t forget about the competition – average lifetime of the companies is dramatically decreasing because of technologies and life acceleration.

We know the companies who made talent acquisition their priority, in Google number of people in this function is continuously growing up and more than in any other Fortune 500 businesses.

However, all money in the world wouldn’t help to make talents acquisition and talent partnering simple.

In our point of view – a success in attracting people is not a human resource process, we avoid calling it hiring. This is a competitive advantage, not less important than quality of the product or sales and marketing.

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