Smart hiring metrics as a part of talent acquisition process

Smart hiring metrics as a part of talent acquisition process

To set smart metrics, please open a photo-bank and pick a big and bright image “We are hiring”, put it on your web-site, collect CVs and give the job to the first candidate entering into your door or make 5-steps exhausting interview process to guarantee you hire a great candidate. I'm kidding...
Many companies see hiring as a mere administrative task that should be carried out like a tender, where they barely compare a job description with CV, but they need to pay closure attention to more criteria. Usually there is just one metric – how fast the role was filled in and what was the cost.

These metrics are bad targets because they incentivize cutting corners. A cheap hire means you didn’t spend enough time and enough money to attract best candidates. A fast hire means that you probably pick the first person who seems fit the role, but didn’t work hard enough to find the best person for the team.

What I do, I list values I’m looking for in the candidate, add global company’s values and skills I’m looking for. I have a chat with my talent partner so she can figure out who I’m looking for, what we miss as a team and who can be a best fit. I never skip this step because looking best in the best and forming my team from best talents doesn’t make my team balanced and most efficient.

The experience shows that without the balance, the team doesn’t perform well. To find out more, please read our articles about the reason hierarchy structures constrains - Transformation to cross-functional teams and Brightest minds, but highly-dysfunctional team.

Once you have key elements to base your search on, use it to attract and evaluate candidates. Remember that the evil is in details. If you start scoring candidates based on what you’re listed, it doesn’t give you a full picture, it is actually gives you the wrong one, because skills are good when they applied to situations, when they have a relation to the team. If you’re interested in details, please read our article about why complete and correct data is a core element of decision-making.

In my practice I avoid putting tags on people if they are not from my company business sphere, the best talents I hired were from a different industry, but with broad experience and knowledge where and how to look for a solution.

Best talent acquisition people are sales and marketing people, because they learn their product and they act as marketers, showing candidates the bright sides of the business and of the team, make them feel that they want this job. This is the reason in UnitiQ we concentrate our efforts on building employer brand, identify firm’s values and look into the value of every candidate. We trust it is only way of preparing a clear and concise message and make application process simple and friction-free.
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