What is included?
Bringing high value to your business is our top priority. Your interests are our interests.
1. Job Description writing
We maximise hiring right candidates by helping your team writing great job description for attracting right fit candidates which are best for the business.
2. Professional and Personal skills
We go deep in matching not only professional skills, but finding the best personalities to seriously increasing long term success. We learn your hiring managers priorities for finding right fit without flooding you with dozens so so candidates.
3. Cultural Fit Check
By identifying your team values, beliefs and behaviours, we use our psychological skills for matching the candidates who are good cultural fit and share similar values and beliefs.
4. Contracting New Employee
Our team will be helping you with the contracting of the new member by preparing contract and coordinating its signature.
5. New Employee On-Boarding
We continue supporting you during the On-boarding process, helping your team to integrate a new member smoothly.
6. Free Replacement
We guarantee Free Replacement during first 30 days without any conditions and explanations.
Our All-Included Pricing
  • Junior Position
    2000 EUR
  • Middle Position
    4000 EUR
  • Senior Position
    6000 EUR
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